What Shop Mall University Is All About

Let's discuss the outline and development of Shop Mall University to help you get a better understanding of our goals we're trying to accomplish by creating an online shopping experience for anyone and everyone along with all sorts of different products to choose from so our customers and visitors can experience an endless variety of choices. Let's start off by discussing our collections. Our collections are designed to easily pick the category or theme of the product you are wanting to view/purchase. We are growing our collections and products on the daily to ensure that our customers will find the product they love or one that is close to the exact same a huge price difference!  Our collections provide goods for men and women and collections that are fit for both. Currently we are working on our way up to add other collections such as Baby/Children Collections (toys, clothing, school items, games, etc), pet Collections (dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc),  Vehicle Collections (Seat covers, floormats, car phone chargers, bluetooth radios, decks, speakers, etc), Sports Collections (Clothing, Team Gear, shoes/cleats, helmets, safety gear, etc)  Even though at the moment we do have a small variety of workout clothing such as yoga pants that you can find under our women's collection or view our Shop Mall University top picks to find more of these items. By adding more products and developing more collections, our goal is to continue fulfilling our customers wishlist of items that you can't find anywhere else for the price that we offer here at Shop Mall University. We also include huge discounts regularly for  Our loyal subscribers who subscribe for email content that keeps them updated on new arrivals, upcoming items and the best part, huge discounts. By subscribing to our email list you will be able to join the SMU group and with our group we are willing to work with you as best as possible to guarantee a swift and pleasurable shopping experience. Just give us a direct message on our email at shopmalluniversity.usa@gmail.com and let us know how we can make your experience here at Shop Mall University even better. Feedback is the best thing we can receive to not only better our store and merchandise but to better our communication and delivery of our store.  We are happy to say that our customers are always number one and whatever betters their needs we will be happy to do so. We are always willing to work with our customers and to work out a way to make them happy at the end. That's why we've created A way for our loyal email subscribers and group followers to earn discounts at a higher rate.  Who can complain about discounts that can save you even more money on top of the low prices published on our items. Our goals are to continue growing and producing products for your every day needs. Doesn't matter if it's cold outside or hot outside. Doesn't matter if you're going swimming or going Sky diving. Doesn't  Matter if you're planning on sitting at home and being lazy or if you're planning on heading to work with hours to be worked. Our goal is to get any item for any occasion, and any weather or situation In your hands when you need it without putting a hole in your pocket or spending the hard earned money that you have been saving. We aim to help save you the most money that you can and help your shopping experience every way possible with a happy and uplifting smile on your face the entire time. We want to thank all of our customers and all of our supporters for visiting and participating in this spectacular start of a beautiful online store's journey. We opened up our store in the beginning of January of this year and we are happy to say that we are growing month by month and hoping to see a huge  Increase When it comes to developing and spreading The discovery of Shop Mall University.  To help everyone know where our hard earned money that we receive from our wonderful customers go to , it goes straight back into Shop Mall University  to continue the progress that we have started to help our visitors and customers the best of our ability. Thank you all for your time and thank you all for your support. From all of us here at Shop Mall University (S.M.U) enjoy and have fun with your shopping experience! :)