The Do's & The Don'ts Of S.M.U Founder Jimmy Sullivan

Why blog about the things that people want or about the items that people dont have? Why have an idea or a thought about having something when you dont have motivation to actually earn the item that's being wanted? Why search up the top 10 trending, not just objects and events, but the things that can put more smiles on people's faces around the world and not just in one certain area? We could always have these questions that we ask but when it's all said and done we finally notice that each question is started by the word why.

Why dont we come to the truth and conclusions that the earth isn't to shallow or to empty like a cup without liquid because in all reality life is completely full and overflowing with possibilities that are truly possible but only if the motivation to make it possible is given to us by ourselves. If you understand what's being said than you shall realise that the only person setting a limit on our "dreams" and "visions" is the one looking back at us each and every time we stare into a mirror. We, as in ourselves, are the only ones that'll be a able to restore peace and happiness upon our planet and the place we call home, Earth. 

The reasoning I have created this blog, if this is what its considered to be, is to show from a young driven entrepreneur's standpoint, who came from the lowest parts of life where pain and stress along with depression overflowed and haunted himself every day and every night, took what he was shown from lifes lessons and turned it around for not just himself but also for the billions of people who share this wonderful planet with each other. Go out and be driven by your "dreams" and "visions" but dont look at them as if they were really "dreams" and "visions" but as If it already came true and the only thing that was missing was starting the process and continuing with it.

Hi, I'm Jimmy Sullivan, a 22 year old entrepreneur who wants to share peace and happiness with his peers on our planet and that's why I've created Shop Mall University (S.M.U) to show others and to help other understand that all you need to do to make the world happy and to help others smile more is to help people earn their belongings at prices that aren't needed to be over exceeded in price value. Hoping everyone gets a good view of who I am and how my team here at S.M.U will do their best to help you as much as possible to earn your most wanted belongings with the money you earned by working, Etc. You deserve it and it most definitely shouldn't burn a hole in your pocket or wallet to do it. Why dont we get started together? Why not?

All profits earned are restored back into our site to better the communication and accessibility of our trusted customers. Thank you for your time,

Jimmy Sullivan

The Do's & The Don'ts.